by Little Light

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All tracks: AlanDodd, StevePerrong, DanHenry



released September 24, 2005



all rights reserved


Little Light New Jersey

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Track Name: 30 Seconds
Thirty seconds.
Restless inner argument stressing.
Tired confessions.
Forget the reasons.
Season's season fertile questions grounding me.
Pocketed or thrown up, convinced these hands aren't free.
Start tomorrow, why not today?
Today, it's time to start today.
Cause it's my little parody.
Cuddle blanket.
Your dad smiles and waves.
And you live and I'm the reason why you left.
The biggest fish.
Gonna watch you swim away.
Track Name: Qayumma
Laughter echoing Ani is my goddess.
Shoulders marching beneath a blue hair tie
hiding under woven locks
wrapping around the united rays of your arabic sun.
Your name blows fire.
You have awakened me.
I want to walk to your inner core.
Behind time, shadowing your beauty.
The feeling of not knowing lets me know.
Track Name: Flashlights & Candy
We talk, share, laugh,
touch, tickle, wrestle and hold hands.
Then we fall asleep.
We talk, share, laugh,
touch, tickle, hug and kiss.
Somehow I feel we lose.
Blurred the boundaries,
sometimes love and lust tastes the same.
Baptized in your eyes burned my sight.
You hold me so tight.
Lost in your locks, my fingers dance side to side.
We’ll rescue the treasures and we will stay up all night.
We will stay up all night and you can teach me how to dive.
Track Name: 6-1=5
The family is all together.
You were the life of the party.
Tell that story again.
I never got enough.
It was you at your best.
Talk, talk, talk.
Scratch your back and do for you.
Now you’re there and your kids are here.
I know it’s not all your fault.
Cause it’s work to live, never enough to play.
Don’t do as I do, just do as I say.
And that’s not okay.
Track Name: One Finger Victory Salute, Like Whoa!
George Bush, George Bush is on fire.
We don’t need no water, let the little liar burn.
Liar liar, pants on fire.
When will you learn?
We will watch you burn.
Track Name: Leaving
Leaving again.
Maybe the last time.
My beautiful friend.
Thank you.
I'm leaving.
Don't know when I'll be back.
Tickle me with your trust.
Tickle me with your hair.
Let me know that you care.
Let me know that you are going to be there.
As for now, don't love
Don't love me.
Love me.
It's not that time.
Leaving again.
Maybe the last time.
Beautiful friend.
Thank you.