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Write. Record. Never Play Again.

by Little Light

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Mummer 02:06
You were alive tonight. Weaving between drunken blackfaces and sparkled sequined dresses. White boys feathered tight, broken glass, semi-circled cops. Flat-bedded system jock jammin’ Daft Punk and Chubb Rock. We stood in the street and framed the lights. Walked with bellies full towards the sounds of the sights. Lonely crowds gather on 2 Street but we’re just passing through. Cause tonight it’s just me and you.
Found 01:40
Wasted a lot of days Sleeping and believing that it will all work out. Reaching and seeking, I just want to be found. We all want to be found. Changing my ways. Living what I’m saying and gaining understanding. Looking before jumping to see where I’ll be landing. We all want to be found. Present tense embrace. Trusting, forgiving, accepting me and what is to be. Never perfect, hard to work with, but trying to keep on peddling. We all want to be found.
NewYear 02:07
Nikki kitty cat ears, perked and wiggling. Brain waves are wavin’, she’s adorable and giggling. I’m as red as my hair, shy, and self-aware. We’re talkin’ silly guns; you’re sittin’ by my side in a chair. It’s a new year with no resolutions of my own. But that third hug you gave me felt like home. It’s a fun crush of fireworks and hopeful mutual desire Cause I’m lost in your eyes once I realized I fancied your fire It’s all unexpected and wouldn’t want it any other way. You gave me my first smile of New Year’s Day.
RearView 01:26
On that drive home. Began with to much wasabi and avocados, Ms Pacman and NBA jams. Droppin’s quarters and continued talk of radicalized plans. It’s these hopes that we share, envisioning what can be knowing it’s possible. A plan, a passion, a love to empower, and a history that says we’re unstoppable. But it’s getting late and you have work in the morning. Urgent times have passed and another day is dawning. So, we drive home continue to let each other that we’re not alone. Cross that bridge into Camden and it’s 70 the way through. There’s no home for them below us, let alone me and you. So, we drive to where news is never made. From my rearview, the lights from Philly’s skyline begin to fade.
HeartYou,B 01:59
Taking a deep breath for you and your family. I can not imagine the heartbreak, nor the abundance of love that surrounds you. I’ll never forget your mom walking us around the house, showing me your artwork. She will be forever proud. So be strong for you and your family. I’ll see you soon.
:::Lyrics by Saul Williams::: I want my money back I'm down here drowning in your fat You got me on my knees praying for everything you lack I ain't afraid of you I'm just a victim of your fears You cower in your tower praying that I'll disappear I got another plan, one that requires me to stand On the stage or in the street, don't need no microphone or beat And when you hear this song, if you ain't dead then sing along Bang and strum to these here drums 'till you get where you belong I got a list of demands, written on the palm of my hands I ball my fist and you're gonna know where I stand We're living hand to mouth! You wanna be somebody? See somebody? Try and free somebody? I gotta list of demands written on the palm of my hands I ball my fist and you're gonna know where I stand We're living hand to mouth! Hand to mouth! I wrote a song for you today while I was sitting in my room I jumped up on my bed today and played it on a broom I didn't think that it would be a song that you would hear But when I played it in my head, I made you reappear I wrote a video for it, and I acted out each part And then I took your picture out and taped it to my heart I've taped you to my heart, dear girl, I've taped you to my heart and if you pull away from me you'll tear my life apart Ecstasy, suffering, Echinacea, buffering We aim to remember what we choose to forget God's just a baby, and her diaper is wet Call the police! I'm strapped to the teeth, and liable to disregard your every belief Call on the law! I'm fixin' to draw a line between what is and seems and call up a brawl Call'em now! Cause it's about to go pow! I'm standing on the threshold of the ups and the downs Call up a truce! Cause I'm about to break loose Protect ya neck, cause son I'm breaking out of my noose


Written/Recorded on phone. Never played again (except #5).

Tracks 1-5: Alan Dodd
Track 6: Alan Dodd (written by Saul Williams)


released August 20, 2013


all rights reserved


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